Understanding Your Buyers: Thinkers & Feelers in the Sales Process JenEMiller August 17, 2023

Understanding Your Buyers: Thinkers & Feelers in the Sales Process

A little over a month ago, I posted a blog about how you make your clients feel.

After sharing an incredible experience I had had that day specifically, I also promised more on the topic, including how thinkers and feelers process.

In the dynamic world of sales, successful professionals recognize the importance of tailoring their approach to the unique preferences and characteristics of individual buyers.

One key distinction that has gained prominence in recent years is the differentiation between “thinkers” and “feelers.”

Couldn’t you talk about this topic all day long? I know I could!

Understanding thinkers and feelers even just a little bit better can lead to more successful sales outcomes. Trust me.

Defining Thinkers and Feelers

Thinkers are analytical, logical, and rational decision-makers. They prioritize facts, data, and information-driven processes when making purchasing decisions. These buyers value detailed product specifications, research, and comparisons before committing to a purchase. Their decision-making process tends to be methodical and well-reasoned.

Feelers, on the other hand, are emotionally driven buyers who prioritize relationships and personal connections. They make decisions based on their gut feelings, emotional resonance, and their perception of how a product or service aligns with their values and aspirations. Feelers value trust, empathy, and a sense of shared purpose in their interactions with sales professionals.

Emotional and Rational Influence in Business Decisions

Harvard Business Review has emphasized the significance of incorporating both emotional and rational elements into sales strategies. And the research shows that while thinkers might prioritize data and logical arguments, feelers respond well to emotional engagement and stories that resonate with their values.

Striking a balance between presenting the facts and crafting a compelling story that evokes an emotional connection is paramount.

Tailoring Your Sales Approach

For Thinkers

  • Provide comprehensive product (or services/solutions) information, including specifications, features, and benefits
  • Offer data-driven comparisons with competitors to showcase the product’s superiority
  • Highlight case studies and success stories that demonstrate the product’s effectiveness
  • Address any concerns or objections with logical and evidence-based responses

For Feelers

  • Share customer testimonials and success stories that highlight emotional benefits and positive experiences
  • Craft a narrative that resonates with the buyer’s values and aspirations
  • Focus on building a genuine connection and rapport through active listening and empathy
  • Offer personalized solutions that align with the buyer’s emotional needs.

Understanding the nuances between thinkers and feelers can be the key to unlocking successful interactions. By leveraging insights from a variety of sources, including your professional sales mentors, you can adapt and refine your approach to cater to the unique preferences of each decision maker you interact with.

Focusing on tailoring your sales approach according to your buyer’s emotional and rational needs will empower you to create meaningful connections and drive positive outcomes in the ever-evolving landscape of buyer behavior.

And remember, you’ve got this!

(Photo credit Amy Hirschi on Unspash)