Join Our Growing Team! JenEMiller June 3, 2024

Join Our Growing Team!

Jen E Miller & Associates is hiring!

And because Jen has a strong background in talent development, she takes an unconventional approach to staffing and hiring.

Here at the firm, we don’t start with job descriptions. We start with learning you.

You might be a perfect fit for a role we haven’t even created yet. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

If you are an A player, with a strong work ethic, and curiosity about what it’s like to be a part of something literally as it’s being created, keep reading!

Jen has high expectations, thinks quickly, works quickly, and genuinely loves helping others become the best possible versions of themselves. She’s a transparent leader, takes seriously her role in helping each individual on the team thrive, and has been called “the best boss ever” by those working with her and for her over the years.

If you have skill (or willingness to learn quickly), energy and eagerness around any of the following, it might be time to throw your name in the ring:

  • selling ideas, programs, and products to prospective customers
  • calling key leaders at prospective clients to book appointments
  • attending networking events on the firm’s behalf
  • creating and managing social media content and calendars
  • writing, editing, or supporting blog posts and marketing email campaigns
  • creating customer-facing materials including proposals, presentations, flyers, business cards, and other print and electronic documents
  • supporting big ideas for three-year business plan
  • implementing ideas quickly – specifically for new programming, events, and products
  • supporting, editing, and creating pages in WordPress
  • staffing key events and people

As of this posting (June 2024), ideal candidates should:

  • have the ability to work a minimum of six hours a week, even if those hours do not fall within regular business hours
  • have the ability to work out of the Plymouth, MI location at least occasionally (a few hours a week, one day a month, etc.), or as otherwise agreed
  • be willing to keep a flexible schedule, especially if minimum and maximum hours per week have been agreed
  • be willing to be contractor status

High school students and college students are encouraged to apply as well. Internships will be created as needed.

Anyone directly helping win business for the firm or one of the firm’s clients will have the opportunity to earn commission.

Ready to apply?

Simply email us at

Include at least the following:

  1. Three business-related tasks you love to do, and could do all day every day.
  2. The link to your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Why you are interested in a position at a start up, and specifically what you want to do and learn in the sales and marketing space.
  4. If you are in high school or college: please include your area of study, expected graduation date (month/year) from college, and any other relevant information on location(s) of home and school


  1. A short video (30 – 45 seconds) introducing yourself
  2. Your resume (not required to apply if your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date)
  3. Best phone number to call or text you
  4. One non-family reference, and why you’ve chosen this person as a reference