Blogs Through the Years, Hyperlinks for Easy Searching JenEMiller May 11, 2024

Blogs Through the Years, Hyperlinks for Easy Searching

I have blogged at least weekly since January of 2019.

Before the pandemic, during the pandemic, after the pandemic…almost all topics related to sales professionals, their managers and leaders, and personal and professional development.

And, lately, I’ve realized they are all over the place. Literally. Some are on LinkedIn, some are on my old laptop (more on that below), some are here on this website.

So, here’s my very first attempt at cataloging more than five years of weekly blogs. In the first section, by theme/topic, I have only listed my absolute favorites, no more than three, per category.

By theme/topic

While I have written on a variety of topics, mostly sales related in the B2B space, these are the ones most relevant if sorted and listed by topic.

Books, blogs that mention books to read


  • content might be in the “lost years”
  • inquire if needed


LinkedIn, the power of, for prospecting

  • Links coming soon

Networking Skills

Presentation Skills

  • Links coming soon

Prospecting Skills, including phone skills, call reluctance 

  • content might be in the “lost years”

By date


All 2019 blogs were posted on LinkedIn. The landing page for all 52 in the #52words52weeks series can be found here.

2020, 2021, and 2022

The “lost” years. Not really. I exaggerate. But definitely not easy for the average person, or search engine, to find much of anything I wrote these three years. Most of these posts were on a website platform we’ve migrated away from. That means that even LinkedIn posts I have that mention some of these blogs don’t even have working hyperlinks. The month we converted from the old website platform to the current one, I took the painstaking time to grab all I had posted and written and saved it to my laptop. So, the content is definitely not lost. Just not easy to share. If you are eager to see something specific that might be from 2020, 2021, or 2022, just email us and ask.


These are thankfully here on Just click here and scroll to see 2023 posts.


All 2024 blog posts are back on LinkedIn. Why? Mostly because I’m always playing around with ease of posting, the LinkedIn algorithms, @mentions, and a bunch of other things. I’m a sales strategist at heart. Getting most of my joy out of helping others success in sales. So, learning how to keep using the tools to post content is not front and center for me. In 2024, I decided to pick back up my 2019 idea of #52words52weeks. They are all hyperlinked here on this post that’s acting like a landing page.