How Do You Make Your Clients Feel? JenEMiller July 12, 2023

How Do You Make Your Clients Feel?

There are thinkers and there are feelers.

Can you instantly categorize yourself? What about those you live with? Those you work with?

8 billion people in the world. Thinkers and feelers. And, The Myers & Briggs Foundation does an excellent job reminding us that thinking isn’t necessarily tied to intelligence, and feeling isn’t the same thing as emotion.

How do you make your clients feel?

As a sales professional, you have many jobs and roles. One of them is figuring out how your buyers like to connect. No two people are identical, but you can get good at reading signals and learn the overt and subtle differences between thinkers and feelers. And even thinkers care about how you make them feel

Do you make your clients feel valued, appreciated, and special?

At the beginning of this week, I ran a few errands. In an area I’d been to before, but not my regular stomping ground. As I turned out of a parking lot to head back home, this sign caught my attention. Would I have even noticed it if it would have said any other name that day?

I changed lanes. I pulled into the shop. I walked into a store I’d never been before. And, I was practically beaming like I’d won the lottery. A free flower because my name is Jennifer. Yes please. I was ecstatic.

In that brief moment, I felt like a million bucks.

The store required so little of me. (Maybe a miss on their part if thinking like the sales professional that I am.)

They didn’t ask me to follow their Instagram. They didn’t ask for my email to put me on a mailing list. They didn’t look at my driver’s license to make sure my name was really Jennifer.

The woman just smiled, almost as excited as I was, and let me pick from their “free flower” case.

Will I use them in the future. Yes. Will the price matter (compared to other local shops). No.

And I can practically guarantee I will conjure up this memory every time I drive by this one particular store. And it will make me smile.

More in the coming weeks on how thinkers and feelers process. How we as sales professionals can connect better to our target buyers. How little things can go a long way. How true and meaningful human interaction might be at the center of customer satisfaction. And how we can all just raise the bar a little on customer experience.


(Photo credit Aaron Burden)