Four Ways AI Can Help You Close Deals JenEMiller November 8, 2023

Four Ways AI Can Help You Close Deals

Anyone else on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bandwagon yet?

I’m usually a laggard, most definitely not an early adopter. Why, yes, that is a rotary phone on my desk. (Totally not kidding!).

But, when it comes to AI, specifically with ChatGPT, I am not only an early adopter, I am a fan. And, having been raised by an English high school teacher turned administrator, I’m sure there’s some irony in my new found excitement with what AI can do.

I’ve been learning how it can help, figuring out ways to utilize it, and haven’t shied away from experimenting with asking ChapGPT its “opinion” before I even get started with something I used to do alone, or with a team, in a brainstorming or planning phase.

Just now, I asked the ChatGPT prompt to list four ways that AI can help sales professionals win business.

Here is the verbatim response generated:

AI, including ChatGPT, can be valuable tools for sales professionals to help them win business by enhancing their processes and customer interactions. Here are four ways in which AI, including ChatGPT, can assist sales professionals:

1. Lead Qualification and Scoring:
AI can analyze and score leads based on various criteria, helping sales professionals prioritize their efforts on the most promising prospects. ChatGPT can engage with potential leads through chat or email, asking relevant questions to gather information and assess their fit for the product or service.

2. Personalized Communication:
ChatGPT can generate personalized emails or messages at scale, tailoring content to the needs and interests of individual prospects. This personalization can improve response rates and engagement, ultimately increasing the likelihood of closing a deal.

3. Sales Support and Knowledge Sharing:
AI, like ChatGPT, can serve as a knowledge resource for sales professionals. It can quickly provide information, answers to frequently asked questions, and competitive insights. This allows sales reps to be more informed and responsive during customer interactions.

4. Sales Forecasting and Analytics:
AI can analyze historical sales data and external market factors to provide accurate sales forecasts. By predicting future revenue and identifying trends, sales professionals can make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively to maximize their chances of success.

In addition to these four ways, AI can also help automate routine tasks, such as data entry and appointment scheduling, freeing up more time for sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Not only did the prompt generate four ideas worthy of thought and discussion in about twenty seconds (I’m not exaggerating), it also *could* have been ready to post “as is” as a blog or reference document if that’s all I had time for, or didn’t need or want to edit it to reflect my personal style at all.

I credit a recent client engagement with my new excitement for AI. The CEO brought AI into almost every conversation for months. She’d encourage her entire team to ask ChatCPT – in almost any situation where content would need to be created. The time savings alone…it’s hard to argue with at least trying something new.

So, I’m now all in. ChatGPT is a newly downloaded app on my phone, and an open tab on my laptop. My teenage son has patiently answered some of my questions (without making fun of me…at least to my face). I’ve used ChatGPT to draft business documents, blog posts, and outlines for new projects.

And, not so coincidentally, a close friend just invited me to an AI workshop at one of the local universities. I signed up. And I know I will learn even more and keep sharing with all of you.

Here’s my commitment as an author as well. I like to write. I think I’m decent at it. Maybe even better than decent. I will always let you, my audience, know if an entire piece was written by AI without me touching it, editing, and making it mine.

If you were skeptical, are you ready yet? To even try to see if AI can help you at work? And maybe even help you win business?

You’ve got this!


Photo credit Gerd Altmann on Pixabay. (the image was generated with AI!)