Enjoying Time Outside of Work with Colleagues JenEMiller May 11, 2023

Enjoying Time Outside of Work with Colleagues

This post is not about alcohol. And it’s not about drinking. Just keep reading. It’s about work. Seriously.

Most of April and May’s blog posts have been about sales training and development plans. And how one size does not fit all. Individualized plans can play a critical role in your organization’s future strategy for your sales professionals. Click here and here and here to read the first three parts of this multi-week series.

We spend so much time at work. And so much time talking about work.

But, what about having fun too? And building relationships? And getting to know some of your direct reports and extended team well enough to know their drivers, their passions, their career goals, and their families?

I am going to argue in favor of spending time with your leadership team, your direct reports, your support staff, and your extended team outside of work. Sometimes. In groups or smaller settings.

Think about all of the sidebar conversations. The ability to discuss personal and professional development. The opportunities to build trust, credibility and rapport.

Tonight, my husband and I hosted one of his colleague’s from work and his spouse. On a Wednesday. In our home. Easy menu. Warm evening. Time spent grilling and being outside was purposely part of the plan.

Not everyone is comfortable with integrating their personal and professional lives, especially when considering inviting colleagues into one’s home. Restaurants, events, parks and the like work just fine too. It most definitely doesn’t have to be in your own home.

Intertwining the personal and professional – occasionally or frequently – might be worth experimenting with if you’ve not tried it before. Or even thinking about for a bit and seeing where you land. If you already do this all the time and it works for you, keep at it!

It’s an intriguing idea for sure, to take the concept of individual training plans a step or two further, and focus on getting to know each individual better outside of work. Especially if you are the sales leader.

Want to kick this idea around some more? Let’s set up some time.

In the meantime, grab your calendar, look at the 10-day forecast, and decide if there’s any opportunity at all to connect outside of work hours with someone on your team.


(Photo credit Wil Stewart)