5 Ways a Library Card Can Help You in Sales JenEMiller September 13, 2023

5 Ways a Library Card Can Help You in Sales

September is library card sign-up month!

Do you already have a library card?

Getting one and using one is easy.

And if you already have a library card, do you know about and use all of the amazing resources for your profession too?!

A library card can be invaluable for sales professionals, business leaders, and anyone working in client-facing roles.

5 Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your Library Card

#1 Attend a class your library is offering

Over the years, I’ve attended several sessions that were business focused. In-person or virtual, I find that there’s always time for questions, hands-on learning, and discussion.

Last year, I’d been using Canva for about six months before I really took seriously the need to learn it better. I attended an evening session held in my local library’s computer lab. I learned more in the first 10 minutes than I could have after an hour watching videos on my own. Maybe it’s just how I learn, or maybe the librarian was just that good! I now use Canva at least weekly when I create #mondaymotivation posts for my LinkedIn feed.

#2 Meet your reference librarians

Invaluable and probably under-utilized, reference librarians have at least a master’s degree. Usually in library science. They know their stuff! I asked an obscure business question a few months ago that was immediately answered…and then I received an email a few hours later with follow up thoughts.

#3 Download the apps your library offers

Do you have library apps like Libby and Hoopla on your phone? Even if you do, you might not realize what a treasure these little buttons contain. And if you’ve not explored, your local library can help you download, login and get started. Business magazines are my current favorite. I download a magazine I want to read, and then I have it, right there on my phone. I probably do like holding a real magazine in my hands better than reading it electronically, but this is a nice treat, especially when I find I have a lot of time on my hands (like waiting for a flight), but not enough quiet or privacy to be making phone calls.

#4 Learn how to use the business resource databases

When I launched my own sales consulting firm in March, I needed to learn how to quickly research companies without subscription-based fees from well-known providers I’d been used to using for many years. A few clicks, a few questions to a reference librarian (see #2 above!), and I now know how to log in with my library card (from my laptop at home) to extremely useful business databases. I head to these databases any time I can’t quickly find company information utilizing LinkedIn, a Google search, or company websites.

#5 Check out a sales or business book (or two, or three)

It happens all the time. Someone recommends a book. Someone else jumps into the conversation. And then an entire discussion occurs and a list of books results. Why not look them up at your library (physical copies or eBooks or audio books), check them out, and see what they are all about. Just last night, at a student curriculum night, the principal recommended two titles – one I already own, the other…yep, looking it up at the library.


My guess is that some of you could easily add five more to this list!

Please comment and chime in.

Now, get yourself to your local library and take a whole new look around!