You Be You…and Other Authentic Self Reminders! JenEMiller August 30, 2023

You Be You…and Other Authentic Self Reminders!

I’ve been thinking a lot about our authentic selves this summer.

As it relates to individual growth, personal relationships, work colleague interactions, client communication, and a whole host of other connections we make and have throughout our days and weeks.

You do you.

I’ve heard it a lot. I’ve said it a lot.

While the you do you mantra truly encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and pursue their own paths without being swayed by external pressures or societal norms, at the same time, it often feels gapped to me. Like it could accidentally be misinterpreted as a justification for subpar work, minimal effort, and a “leave me alone, I’m just doing me” attitude.

What about you do you, better – how does that resonate? Implying that we each might be striving for a better version of ourselves, maybe even trying hard to be the best version of ourselves possible at this moment in our lives.

Each person clearly possesses their own set of strengths, interests, and values that shape their authentic self. And you do you (better) loudly celebrates this.

By staying true to who I am, and you staying true to who you are, and making choices that resonate with our own inner values, we each can lead more fulfilling and genuine lives.

I know there’s something to this. As summer is winding down, a bit of introspection is probably warranted.

Authentic Self Reflections

  • Sit quietly with yourself reflecting on who you are, and maybe more importantly, who you want to become
  • Can you articulate your values and aspirations, maybe jot a few down
  • What do you think when some says you do you?
  • And what about you do you, better?
  • Do you embrace your authenticity (and your imperfections)?
  • Do you do a good job fostering meaningful relationships and connections based on honesty and mutual understanding?

Striving to be your best authentic self, now, or maybe in the near future, can lead to real personal empowerment and a sense of deep fulfillment. When you make choices that align with your true self, you tap into a limitless amount of motivation and resilience.

Navigating life with purpose and creating a positive impact on both yourself and the world around you is both liberating and more enjoyable.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

You’ve got this.

(Photo credit Brooke Cagle on Unsplash)