How Do You Define Success? JenEMiller September 20, 2023

How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success, both personally and professionally?

Take a step back and determine what success looks like to you right now. (Maybe different from past years, and most likely different than future years).

Does your definition of success align with those you share a home with? What about with the person you have the closest relationship with? What about your manager’s definition of success? Does it align with yours? Have you ever candidly talked about this? Maybe…maybe not.

Success Begets Success

Do you believe that success begets success? Have you ever reflected on this statement, and what it means to your career as a sales professional?

I coached a young woman who had been in an inside sales role with daily goals to win business – she was expected to close at least one new piece of business per day via telephone. She had a drive and determination to meet or exceed her daily goals. Often not even leaving the office until way past quitting time to hit her daily goal. She then changed directions and took a sales position at a different organization with a sales cycle that was more like 12 months (on average) with only a few active projects at a time. The new assignment, while probably a better match for her long-term career goals, didn’t provider her any daily satisfaction. She became frustrated, tired and restless. There was no boost of adrenaline each day like there had been in the past. She had no momentum and felt like she was always waiting, instead of feeling accomplished. 

The end of the third quarter is a perfect time to take a step back and determine what success looks like to you right now.

For the long game, if you are determined to be wildly successful (as you define success), no matter what, check out this excellent article highlighting 10 characteristics of insanely successful people. 

And remember, you’ve got this!


(Photo credit Guille Álvarez on Unsplash)