Feeling Like One in a Million  JenEMiller October 5, 2023

Feeling Like One in a Million 

I love feeling like one in a million.

Don’t you? Maybe, maybe not? I sure hope so, though!

But more importantly, if you are in sales, are you making your clients and future clients feel like they are one in a million?

I blogged about this topic about a year ago as well, and how incredible that in just this past year, I have met so many business professionals who live by this philosophy. Some were born to make others feel like this, and some have learned, through years and years of paying attention, putting others first, focusing on empathy, and anticipating needs of those around them.

It’s an amazing quality. One most definitely to be admired. I bet you can picture someone right now, someone you know personally or professionally, who radiates this attribute. They just make everyone feel special. Really special. Maybe even all of the time. 

5 Ways to Focus on Making ‘Em Feel Like One in a Million

  1. Check out this post How to Make People Feel Like A Million Bucks 
  2. Read 25 Ways to Win With People: How to Make People Feel Like a Million Bucks by John C. Maxwell
  3. Ask a client who’s been with you a long time what you do that makes them feel important 
  4. Call, text, or drop a note in the mail to someone who’s made you feel like you are one in a million in the past
  5. Pay it forward – make others feel special as often as you can!


(Photo credit Veronica Benavides on Unspalsh)