Commitment Means a Late Night Blog Post JenEMiller September 28, 2023

Commitment Means a Late Night Blog Post

There have been many occasions throughout my career where I’ve given more than I thought possible. And I’ve spoken and blogged frequently over the years about effort, commitment, work ethic, goals, aspirations, sticktoitiveness, grit, and perseverance.

I’ve made a commitment to myself to blog weekly, posting on Wednesdays. Regardless of whether I’m tired, or if I’m traveling, or I’m swamped with projects, clients, and work. Not to mention family and friends and neighbors and sports and activities. And regardless of whether I have one reader or one hundred.

Tonight, I’m tired. Up since 5:30am. A trail run even before my coffee. And lots and lots of work. A few errands. More work. More lists of work that must be done tomorrow. And then several hours of just hanging out with my teenage son. Without my laptop and without distraction.

I asked him if I should just skip this week, and he first asked if I had anything in draft form. I do, but nothing even in editing stages where I’d be ready to post. Then he insightfully asked if I’d be more mad at myself down the road for not sticking to my commitment, than worrying about what I’d write about, as I’m ending the day and just trying to wind down.

This past Monday’s #mondaymotivation quote was about going the extra mile. Tonight’s quick blog post is about that and more. So much more.

Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded there.   –Dr. Wayne Dyer

Effort. Commitment. Work ethic. Goals. Aspirations. Sticktoitiveness. Grit. Perseverance.

I recently read a 12 point list on ways to give it your all at work. One of the reminders was about passion and enthusiasm. Letting your passion for your work shine through. The article shared that when you are genuinely enthusiastic about what you do, it’s contagious and inspires others. And I thought, yes, that’s exactly what I want to bring to each client, each situation, each blog post. Each and every day.

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